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Leek Wootton Platinum Jubilee Treasure Hunt


/per team

Take part in this exciting and competitive bespoke treasure hunt around Leek Wootton for the Jubilee weekend.

Roam around at your leisure and experience the local area whilst gaining points for correct answers triggered where you stand.

An immersive city based
treasure hunt perfect for families

Just looking for a fun treasure hunt without being quizzed about your chosen city? 
 This game is perfect for players who just want to run around and complete random interactive challenges.
Roam around at your leisure and experience the local area whilst gaining points for correct answers triggered where you stand.
Complete as many GPS activated challenges as you can in a 3 hour game. Take a break when ever you want and grab a bite to eat.

You are just a few clicks away from an amazing experience.

Select a location

Choose the location you want to play the game.

Purchase your ticket

Select the number of teams that will play the game.

Receive the ticket via e-mail and SMS

Following a purchase you receive a message via email and SMS to download our app and your game route. u003cbru003e

Download the APP

Use the link to download the app and load the game.

Play the game

Go to the location and start playing whenever you want to.
mooveGO is available at:

Explore the city and save the day!


Start your adventure from any point you wish in the game zone and complete as many GPS activated challenges as you can before the 3 hour timer runs out.

There is no set route to the treasure hunt so plan your attack as you wish.


Why not get more people together and create a little competition between friends and family with a prize for the top scoring team?

Simply scan the QR code we will send you after purchasing and your game will download to your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simply choose a game, select a location and purchase the game. All our games work on both Android and iOS phones.

We recommend playing in teams of 4/5.

You will receive one login code per purchase for your device/s

Top tip - Make sure your device is fully charged before you start the game and you have a data pack.

Do I need to install anything?

Yes you will be prompted to download our App (MooveGO) when you scan the login QR we send you or tap the SMS link.

The app will download automatically and load your selected game.

Where do the games start?

There is a description of the game location when you select your city. Head for the most central spot within this area and then start your game. There are challenges everywhere so you will more than likely be standing right next to your first task!

How long does the game last for?

All games last for 180 minutes from the moment you start the game.

You can spend as much time as you wish to play the games however they will end after the timer runs out.

Always ensure that you tap 'Start' when you are in the game zone to avoid disappointment.

I did not receive my login details

Please email and we will respond within the hour.

Are the games suitable for all ages and abilities?

Absolutely, our games are designed for the whole family and just as engaging for under 10s as they are for the over 50's! 

Is there any tech suppport?

We have a dedicated tech support email which is monitored from 09.00-17.00 7 days a week. We aim to respond within the hour

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

Panic not! You can scan the QR code on another device and carry on from where you left off but don't forget about the timer! 

Do you still have doubts?

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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