Design and sell gamified experiences and self-guided tours.

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Completely Customizable

Logos, multimedia content, quizzes and minigames.

Seamless ticketing

The users purchase the tickets online on your web store.

Analytical data

Visual data on user answers, and progress through the activity.


With mooveGO, you can create gamified experiences where users can explore an area by answering quizzes, minigames, and doing photo and video challenges. Each task gives them points that are reflected in the scoreboard. You can use videos and other multimedia resources to make their experience richer and place the tasks in points of interest to attract people to these locations.

One APP, Diverse use cases

The ultimate tourism
gamification APP

With mooveGO, participants can solve an intriguing mystery, discover more about the city, have a scavenger hunt with friends, or win prizes in a branded contest. The possibilities are endless.
Guided tours
Escape games
City tours
Scavenger hunts
Brand activation
guided tours

Increase Visitor Engagement

Engagement makes visitors remember their experience. With mooveGO you can set several gamification touchpoints touring the tour, with multimedia content, and challenges that will increase interaction between your tourist attraction and visitors.
escape games

Use the cityscape as part of the gameplay

Create a city adventure around iconic landmarks. With mooveGO, you can combine the best elements of escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt. The player will solve clues and uncover city secrets in a race against the clock.
CITY tours

A innovative sightseeing experience

Provide visitors with an augmented experience through the city, giving them informative geolocated multimedia content that will help them immerse themselves in the local culture. The tour can be designed to impulse local businesses and guide tourists through the main landmarks.

Fun challenges everywhere

We all get a thrill when we’re challenged to chase something down or seek something out. With mooveGO, you can build an engaging geolocated chase that incentive users to interact with their environment and discover hints and hidden prizes.

Create engaging branded experiences

Use our customization features to create a branded game with your logo, colors, and content. Give your audience a memorable experience and guarantee the desired recall effect.

e-Commerce Integration

With the e-Commerce API, you can set up an online shop for your customers to purchase activities in a seamless process. After purchasing the activity, the customer will receive the link for the game via email and SMS. This automated process provides more convenience for agencies and their customers.

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