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    Explore Gaudí’s
    work in a gamified
    mobile experience


    A fun gamified bike ride through  the city


    Half-Day Game Of Thrones Walking Tour


Explore the city in a original,
didactic and fun way

Enjoy the new way of doing tourism or simply of discovering the city while you have fun, learn, explore, participate in fun challenges, and benefit from discounts or offers in the most emblematic spots.
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You can buy the game whenever you want. Once you are in the city where the game is available, go to the starting point that we indicate to start playing.

Get your code

You will receive an executable code by email and SMS. Clicking on it will take you directly to the application, download it and start playing whenever you want.


Are you already at the starting point? Then the time has come to start! Remember that the objective of the game is to overcome the challenges while you explore the city

Our amazing tours

City quest

Morbi quis ex nisi. Aliquam vel tempus massa, vitae blandit ex. Sed sollicitudin quam orci, sit amet tincidunt mauris pulvinar et. Cras et nisl turpis. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Aliquam erat volutpat. Ut tristique turpis dui, nec dignissim leo finibus et. Proin sodales urna sit amet […]

0.00/per person
Go Remote

Go Remote is a Remote Team Building program to improve the wellbeing and performance of employees working from home. The game can last 1-4 weeks, depending on the company’s requirements with a new set of challenges every day. The challenges range from trivia questions to brain teasers, puzzles, virtual reality, and video-based fitness goals to […]

10.00/per person
The Spear of Destiny - Escape the City

The discovery of an old code message between two collaborators of Nazi Germany, makes one suspect that the Spear of Destiny, with which the Romans took the life of Jesus Christ on the cross, is hidden in Barcelona. This religious relic, which according to legend provides divine powers to those who possess it, has been […]

5.00/per person
Game Of Thrones Walking Tour in Girona

Get your fix of ‘Game of Thrones’ fantasy drama on this Viator Exclusive tour of the season six filming sites in Girona. Much of the city’s Old Town was transformed into the streets and landmarks of King’s Landing and Braavos, two fictional towns from the HBO hit series. Learn about key filming sites and hear […]

10.00/per person
Barcelona Bike Tours

Enjoy Barcelona with an electrical bike !! Is the best way to know this beautiful city !! Faster, more comfortable and enjoying more 100% sure !!! Barcelona is a city so full of beautiful corners perfect for photographs that it will amaze you, and you will go away with the best mementos of an awesome […]

10.00/per person
Tapa y Caña - Bar Hopping

Why join a simple pub crawl when you can participate in the best pub crawl in Barcelona? The Original Backpacker Pubcrawl is off the beaten track and invites you to spend a fun and authentic night on the town. Enjoy the party with Catalans who live in the city: you will make new friends over […]

10.00/per person
Barcelona Musem Route

The Museu d 'Història de la Ciutat (City History Museum) in the Gothic district tells you the history of the city of Barcelona since Roman times. The Palau Padellàs, a Gothic palace, was brought stone by stone from the Carrer de Mercaders to Plaça del Rei in 1931. The reason for this effort was the […]

10.00/per person
Barcelona City Tour

As you all know, legend has it that Antonio Gaudí was run over by a tram almost 100 years ago. But what if it was just that, a simple legend? Today, we have gone back to the date of his death to see first-hand what happened and discover the whole truth. Welcome to 1926. To […]

10.00/per person

Get to know the mooveGO experience

This is the online team building activity platform with over 200 products on the app for young and old, and of course corona proof.
The best way to discover the city while having fun, learning and playing.
Usando tu móvil como única herramienta.
Enjoy discounts and exclusive offers.
Safe Purchase, Download and Experience
Summary information, challenges, games and much more …
You choose the itinerary and the pace.
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